Sunday 5 June 2016


            He was born in a town near Lemberg, Galicia.  He authored religious texts in an archaic Yiddish style, such as: Inyone khinekh yeladim (Matters concerning children’s education) (Lemberg, 1884), 60 pp., second edition (Cracow, 1886); Mayse hagdolim (Tales for adults), various stories drawn from the Talmud and Midrashim with his own examples (Lemberg, 1896), 87 pp., published in six editions, the final one in Warsaw (1887); Imres shloyme (Shloyme’s sayings), “for recently married bridegrooms in Yiddish,” with various tales of Hassidim and examples in Yiddish (Cracow, 1906), 189 pp.; Imre shefer (Words of beauty), on the Torah with Yiddish translations and citations (Pyotrków, 1927), 48 pp.; and Hisnayges haderekh (Proper conduct), with explanations and examples in Yiddish (Pyotrków, 1927), 191 pp., second edition (Lublin, 1934); among others.  He died in Israel.

Source: Bet eked sefarim.

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