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            He was born in Grodno, Russian Poland.  He published articles and images in Yugnt-veker (Youth alarm) in Warsaw (1926-1927).  He collected for YIVO hundreds of Yiddish folksongs and folk tales, popular jokes, folk remedies, and the like, of which several dozen were published in the YIVO publication Yidishe folklor (Yiddish folklore), edited by Y. L. Kahan (Vilna, 1938).  Among the materials salvaged from the Vilna ethnographic commission at YIVO in New York are several dozen of the folk tales and songs he collected; two of the tales were republished in the journal Yidisher folklor, brought out by the Y. L. Kahan Folklore Club at YIVO, January 1954-June 1955.  In 1933 he attended the folklore course, directed by Kahan at YIVO in Vilna.

Source: Y. L. Kahan, Shtudyes vegn yidisher folksshafung (Studies of Jewish folk creation) (New York: YIVO, 1952), pp. 280-81.
Leyzer Ran

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