Monday 27 June 2016


MEYER VSHEBOR (b. July 18, 1915)
            He was born in Ostrów-Mazowiecka (Ostrov-Mazovyetsk), Poland.  He graduated from a Tarbut high school in Bialystok.  In 1931 he immigrated with his parents to Uruguay.  There he graduated from the law faculty at the University of Montevideo.  From 1936 he was a practicing lawyer.  He was at the same time active in Zionist affairs.  He served as a counselor for many economic and cultural institutions Uruguay.  He began publishing articles in 1935 in Folksblat (People’s newspaper) in Montevideo, for which he remained a regular contributor.  He wrote daily on general political and specifically Jewish issues.  He contributed as well to: the daily newspaper Haynt (Today) and to the literary publication Do (Here)—in Montevideo; Brazilyaner yidishe tsaytung (Brazilian Jewish newspaper); Idisher zhurnal (Jewish journal) in Toronto; and elsewhere.  He also wrote for Spanish-language Jewish periodicals.  He translated from Hebrew into Spanish Vladimir Zhabotinsky’s pamphlet Ekronot harayon habetari (Principles of the Betar idea).

Sources: Y. Botoshanski, in Di prese (Buenos Aires) (May 6, 1951); Y. Vaynshenker, Boyers un mitboyers fun yidishn yishev in urugvay (Founders and builders of the Jewish community in Uruguay) (Montevideo, 1957), p. 101.

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