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HERSH VEBER (1904-1943)
            He was born in Yaslo (Jasło), eastern Galicia.  He studied in religious primary school and in synagogue study hall.  He later graduated from a high school in Cracow and studied mathematics on a government stipend at Cracow University.  Inclined toward painting, he studied at the same time at the Cracow Art Academy.  He debuted in print with a poem in Getseylte verter (A few words), edited by Itsik Manger (Cracow, 1930), and later published poetry in Tsushteyer (Contribution) in Lemberg (April 1931), as well as in Literarishe bleter (Literary leaves) and Folks-tsaytung (People’s newspaper) in Warsaw.  In the anthology Dos lid iz geblibn (The poem remained), edited by Binem Heler (Warsaw, 1951), three poems by Veber appeared.  During the Nazi occupation, he was confined to the ghetto in the town of Yanov (Janów).  He was killed in Drohobych together with other Jews from the Janów ghetto.  “Veber’s poetry,” wrote Mendl Naygreshl, “was thoroughly lyrical and stressed the object being described not physically, but the psychologically….  Hersh Veber was without a doubt one of the finest talents of his time.”

Sources: “Yizker” (Prayer of remembrance for the death), Yidishe shriftn anthology (Lodz, 1946); M. Naygreshl, “Der letste dor yidishe poetn in galitsye” (The last generation of Yiddish poets in Galicia), Tsukunft (New York) (January 1951); B. Heler, ed., Antologye fun umgekumene dikhter (Anthology of murdered poets) (Warsaw, 1951); I. Manger, “Getseylte verter” (A few words), Veker (New York) (December 15, 1955); Y. Sandel, Umgekumene yidishe kinstler (Murdered Jewish artists) (Warsaw, 1957), pp. 140-42.

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