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            He was a mathematics teacher in a state school for Jewish children in Kiev, Ukraine.  He authored a number of textbooks on the subject of calculation, such as: Tseyl un mest! Rekhn-materyal farn tsveytn lernyor (Count and measure! Calculating material for the second year of study), with a forward for teachers, part 1 (Kiev, 1925), 86 pp.; Arbet-bukh af natur-visnshaft (Workbook for natural science) (Kiev: Kultur-lige, 1926), two parts with Y. Burtyanski and others; Matematisher ufgaber farn dritn lernyor (Mathematics text for the third year of school) (Moscow: Central Publ., 1927), 120 pp., second edition (1928); Matematisher ufgaber farn 4tn lernyor (Mathematics text for the fourth year of school) (Moscow: Central Publ., 1927), second edition (1929); Matematisher ufgaber farn 5tn lernyor (Mathematics text for the fifth year of school) (Kharkov: Central Publ., 1929), 112 pp.  He was also the author of a number of children’s stories which were included in Yiddish readers in the Soviet Union and a number of pamphlets for children, such as: Dos bukh, zayn geburt un antviklung (The book, its birth and evolution) (Ekaterinoslav, 1919), 28 pp.  He also translated booklets for children.  From German: Der hunt, nokh brem un andere (The dog, following A. E. Brehm and others) (Ekaterinoslav, 1919), 28 pp.; Di kats, di vilde kats, der ṭiger un der leyb, nokh brem un andere (The cat, the wild cat, the tiger, and the lion, following Brehm and others) (Ekaterinoslav, 1919), 46 pp.  From Russian: Vi boyen feygelekh nestn (How birds build nests) (Ekaterinoslav, 1919), 32 pp.; Dos vandern fun di feygl (The migration of the birds), with a section of names of birds in Yiddish and Russian (Ekaterinoslav, 1919), 22 pp.  He also translated M. Baratov’s popular scientific work, Kolvirtn un ratvirtn, zeyer oyfkum and organizatsye (Collective farms and advisory farms, their emergence and organization) (Kiev, 1930), 108 pp.

Sources: A. Golomb, in Bikhervelt (Kiev) 2-3 (1919); Z. Ratner and Y. Kvitko, Dos yidishe bukh in f. s. r. r. far di yorn 1917-1921 (The Yiddish book in the USSR for the years 1917-1921) (Kiev, 1930).

[Additional information from: Berl Kagan, comp., Leksikon fun yidish-shraybers (Biographical dictionary of Yiddish writers) (New York, 1986), col. 193.]

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