Sunday 8 November 2015


            He was born in Vilkomir (Ukmergė), Lithuania.  He emigrated to the United States and settled in Boston where his father worked as a scribe.  He began publishing stories in the Yiddish press.  Over the years 1906-1907, he contributed to Yidisher advikat (Jewish advocate) in Boston, which appeared weekly at first and daily later, under the editorship of Dr. Yekhezkel Vortsman.  He served as the Boston correspondent for Tog-morgn zhurnal (Daily morning journal) in New York, where his notices were published daily in a special edition for Boston and environs.  Among his books: Di idishe gas (The Jewish street), stories from American Jewish life, with a foreword by Alexander Harkavy (Boston, 1908), 80 pp.

Source: Z. Broches, “Di geshikhte fun der yidisher prese in masatshuzets” (The history of the Yiddish press in Massachusetts), in Yorbukh fun amopteyl (Annual from the American branch [of YIVO]), vol. 2 (New York, 1939), which also appeared in an offprint edition.

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