Thursday 12 November 2015


            He was born in a town near Rovno, Poland.  He studied in religious primary school and yeshivas.  He later was an Orthodox community leader in Volhynia and in the Vilna region.  He began publishing articles on Jewish issues in Dos vort (The word) in Vilna (1926).  He also contributed to Unzer veg (Our way) in Shedlets (Siedlce), Bendiner vokhnblat (Będzin weekly newspaper), and Ortodoksishe yugnt bleter (Orthodox youth leaves) in Warsaw, among others.  He was murdered by the Germans during WWII.

Sources: Biblyografishe yorbikher fun yivo (Bibliographic yearbooks from YIVO) (Warsaw, 1928), p. 211; information from R. Meyer Shvartsman, Winnipeg, Canada.

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