Friday 13 November 2015


            He was a professional wedding entertainer, occasional writer, comic writer, and publisher.  His compositions date from the end of the eighteenth century until 1815.  He was the author of a great number of comedies and an assortment of plays in Hebrew and “Amsterdam’s Judeo-German” (old Dutch Yiddish) which are of enormous cultural historical value “for the language with numerous Dutch expressions and humor” (Y. Shatski).  In addition, although the compositions that he wrote by himself were well known, other entertainers from that time wrote their own versions.  Other biographical details remain unknown.

Sources: Y. Shatski, “Di letste shprotsungen fun der yidisher shprakh un literatur in holand” (The last sprouts of the Yiddish language and literature in Holland), Yivo-bleter (Vilna) 10.3-5 (October-December 1936), pp. 258-59; Y. Klausner, Historiya shel hasifrut haivrit haadasha (History of modern Hebrew literature), vol. 1 (Jerusalem, 1930).

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