Tuesday 6 February 2018


            He was a member of the Vilna “Hashomer Hatsair” (The young guard).  He began writing in Hebrew in publications put out by Hashomer—Medurot (Bonfires) (April 1925)—and later he switched to Yiddish and published over the course of the years 1935-1939 dozens of poems in the Vilna Zionist daily newspaper Di tsayt (The times).  He rendered into Yiddish a series of poems from Russian (by Semyon Nadson and others) and from German (by Johann Peter Hebel and others).  His last two poems were published in the Vilna Yiddish children’s magazine Grininke beymelekh (Little green trees) (February and March 1939), with music by Y. Stolitski.  Other biographical details remain unknown.

Source: Leyzer Ran, 25 yor yung vilne (Twenty-five years of Young Vilna) (New York, 1955).
Leyzer Ran

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