Tuesday 6 February 2018


SHIYE NEKER (1880-November 13, 1919)
            He was born in Galicia and worked in a bookbindery.  He joined the labor movement as a youth.  He was initially a member of PPS (Polish Socialist Party [Polska Partia Socjalistyczna]) and was active among Jewish laborers.  He later stood with the opposition which demanded autonomy for Jewish labor.  When the Jewish Social Democratic Party was founded in 1905, he became one of its activists.  In April 1905 when the newspaper Der yudisher sotsyal-demokrat (The Jewish social democrat) was launched, he served as its first editor, and later when the newspaper moved to Cracow, he was its manager and editor.  As a speaker and organizer, he contributed to the trade union movement.  He died in Cracow.

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Yankev Kahan

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