Sunday 12 March 2017


ZAYNVL LIBERMAN (b. November 1, 1902)
            He was born in Rava-Ruska, eastern Galicia.  He received a traditional Jewish education and studied secular subjects privately.  He later studied in the Lemberg Hebrew teachers’ seminary run by Dr. Leo Freund and Professor Furman.  He also studies at the Lemberg Conservatory and in the school of foreign languages.  For economic and political reasons, in 1927 he made his way to Mexico.  He was a member of the Labor Zionist movement and the “Brit Ivrit Olamit” (“World Association for Hebrew Language and Culture”) there.  He lectured on scientific and philosophical topics.  He debuted in print in 1940 in Spanish in Juventud y cultura (Youth and culture), organ of the association of students in the philosophy faculty at the University of Mexico.  He contributed as well to: Der veg (The way), Dos vort (The word), Excélsior, and Prensa israelita (Jewish thought)—the latter two in Spanish—all in Mexico City.  Several of his Yiddish and general scientific works were written together with Sholem Loker, such as: Di filosofye fun rambam (The philosophy of Rambam [Maimonides]) and Sotsyalistishe shtudyes (Socialist studies).  His most important writing in Yiddish and Spanish remain in manuscript.  He was last living in Mexico City.

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