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MOYSHE LIVSHIN (1890-June 30, 1931)
            The brother of Yoysef Livshin, he was born in Disna, Vilna district, Lithuania.  He graduated in 1910 from the Vilna Jewish teachers’ institute and until 1914 worked as a teacher in the Jewish schools in Ponevezh (Panevėžys).  During WWI he worked as a Yiddish teacher in Velitshani, near Vilna, and in Yurburg (Yurbarkas), near Kovno.  In 1922 he was the director of the first Jewish middle school in Kovno, later cofounder and for a string of years director of the Kovno Jewish commercial high school.  He was editor of Far undzere kinder (For our children), the supplement to Folksblat (People’s newspaper) in Kovno, in which he published legends, children’s stories, and poetry.  He also contributed work to: Grininke beymelekh (Little green trees) and Der tog (The day) in Vilna; and Frimorgn (Morning) in Riga; among others.  He died in Kovno.

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Khayim Leyb Fuks

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