Thursday 23 March 2017


KHAYIM LEYBOVITSH (b. October 10, 1902)
            He was born in Novogrudek (Navaredok), Byelorussia.  He studied in a “cheder metukan” (improved religious elementary school), later in a Hebrew course of study.  He was secretary of the Novogrudek workshops in ORT (Association for the Promotion of Skilled Trades) and a member on the Jewish community council of Novogrudek.  During WWII he was active in the Novogrudek underground movement and among the partisans.  In 1945 he moved to Italy, where he was secretary general of all-European Association of Partisans and Front Fighters, an officer in the Labor Zionist secretariat, and a YIVO representative.  In 1950 he moved to the United States.  He published (using the pen name “Observator”) in 1931 feature pieces for Novogrudek lebn (Novogrudek life), and he was later a co-editor of this newspaper.  Over the years 1946-1949, he was editor of Farn folk (For the people) and, 1947-1948, of the Labor Zionist journal Unzer vort (Our word) in Italy.  He also published articles and correspondence pieces in: Baderekh (On the road), organ of the Holocaust survivors in Italy; Tsayt (Time) in London; Parizer vort (Parisian word); and Tog (Day), Morgn-zhurnal (Morning journal), Der amerikaner (The American), and various remembrance volumes—in New York.  He was last living in Brooklyn, New York.
Benyomen Elis

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