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DOVID-LEYB SHRENTSEL (b. July 13, 1895)[1]
            He was born in Zlatshev (Zolochiv), Galicia, the son of Emanuel Goldshmid.  Until age ten he attended religious elementary school, later a middle school.  He served in the Austrian army.  He was active in the Labor Zionist party and wrote for party organs.  He published a booklet Oysn hartsen (From the heart), poems of youth (Zolochiv: Kesher, 1918), 32 pp.  Dov Sadan states that it had to be included in an anthology of Yiddish literature in Galicia.  “Arye” Shrentsel was the author of Der kos (The cup) (Warsaw, 1931); this may be the same author.

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 4; catalogue of “Kult-bukh” (Warsaw, 1934).
Berl Cohen

[1] This birthdate follows Zalmen Reyzen; Pinkhes galitsye (Records of Galicia), p. 258, gives a date of October 1877.

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