Wednesday 10 July 2019


            She published a series of booklets for children: Gur arye (Young lion) (Warsaw: Kinder-biblyotek yidish, n.d.), 15 pp.; Mesholim far kinder (Fables for children), 15 pp.; Der farkishefter shlos (The enchanted castle) (Warsaw: Yudish, n.d.), 15 pp.; Khayes, vos zaynen enlekh tsu mentshn (Animals which are similar to people); Khayes, vos zaynen enlekh tsu fish (Animals which are similar to fish); Di lebedike natur (Living nature); Der mentsh un der hunt (Man and dog); Di erd un der himl (The earth and the sky); and May-zhuk (May beetle), among others.

Berl Cohen

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