Wednesday 31 July 2019


AVROM SHVARTS (June 20, 1902-June 15, 1964)
            He was a journalist, born in Petrile (Petrila), Transylvania.  He attended religious elementary school and yeshiva, and later a Klausenburg Tarbut high school.  In 1924 he moved to Uruguay.  He worked as a shoemaker, later becoming a professional journalist.  Over the years 1933-1963, he served as editor of the daily Folksblat (People’s newspaper) in Montevideo, and a short time later he wrote for Haynt (Today) in Montevideo.  He died in Montevideo.

Source: Yitskhok Vaynshenker, Boyers un mitboyers fun yidishn yishev in urugvay (Founders and builders of the Jewish community in Uruguay) (Montevideo: Zrie, 1957).
S. Starozhevski

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