Tuesday 30 July 2019


HIRSH SHUBIN (b. 1868)
            He was born in Polotsk, Russian empire, the son of a merchant and bookseller.  At age twenty-one, he wrote a storybook, Di shtifmuter, oder roze di krasovke, an interesante roman (The stepmother, or Rosa the beauty, an interesting novel [about what transpired in Polotsk]) (Vilna: Rozenkrants and Shriftzetser, 1890), 32 pp., later edition (1927).  He was to have authored several further storybooks, but his father forbade him from doing so.  Until 1914 he was a bookseller, and from 1915 he was a rabbi’s assistant in the city of Trok (Trakai).

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 4.
Berl Cohen

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