Friday 26 July 2019


NAKHMEN SHAFRAN (March 17, 1892-May 4, 1982)
            He was born in Warsaw.  He attended religious elementary school until his bar mitzvah.  He later graduated from Magnus Krinski’s high school in Warsaw.  After WWII he lived in New York.  He was an active Bundist from a young age.  He wrote for the Bundist press: Lebens-fragen (Life issues), Folkstsaytung (People’s newspaper), Vokhnshrift far literatur un kunst (Weekly writing for literature and art), and other serials, and he co-edited Sotsyalistishe yugend-shtime (Socialist voice of youth) and Yugnt-veker (Youth alarm).  He published several pamphlets, such as: Undzer yugnt-bavegung (Our youth movement) (Warsaw, 1927).  Among his pen names: N. Maryanski, A. Polak, and N. A. Ton.  He died in New York.

Source: Y. Sh. Herts, Doyres bundistn (Generations of Bundists), vol. 3 (New York, 1968).
Berl Cohen

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