Thursday 6 June 2019


TSVI-HERSH RUZHANER (March 17, 1887-February 1971)
            He was born in Prushnits (Przasnysz), Poland.  He finished high school in Bialystok and earned his medical degree in Lausanne, Switzerland.  In 1921 he settled in Lodz.  He survived WWII in a German camp for Polish officers.  In 1952 he emigrated to Melbourne, Australia.  He was a regular contributor to Lodzer folksblat (Lodz people’s newspaper).  He also published in: Lodzer togblat (Lodz daily newspaper) and later in Oystralishe yidishe nayes (Australian Jewish news).  He mostly wrote about medicine, especially in Warsaw’s Der doctor (The doctor) and Paris’s Folksgezunt (Public health).  In book form: Di falshe kharpe (The false disgrace), concerning venereal disease.  He died in Melbourne.

Moyshe Ayzenbud

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