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            He was a journalist and physician. In February 1930, when the journal Gezunt un arbet (Health and work), organ of the People’s Commissariat for Healthcare, began to appear in Kharkov, he was included in the composition of the editorial board. The journal was published for over two years, with the final issue (no. 34-35) appearing in late 1932. He published in it articles on medical topics and issues of disease prevention. He was the author of Onshtekndike krankheytn, meditsinishe shmuesn far arbeter-klubn un leyen-shtiblekh (Infectious diseases, medical discussions for workers’ clubs and village libraries) (Kharkov-Kiev: Central Publishers, 1931), 74 pp.; and Ershte hilf, hilfbikhl far krayzlekh fun ershter hilf (First aid, booklet for first aid groups) (Kharkov-Kiev: Ukrainian State Publishers for National Minorities, 1935), 92 pp.

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