Monday 10 June 2019


FROYM-ELYE RIBAK (December 28, 1875-1954)
            He was born in Tshekhanovtse (Ciechanowiec), Poland.  In 1898 he settled in Chicago.  He was the rabbi of the “evra shas” (Talmud study group) in Chicago schools.  He published a number of articles in the Yiddish press.  He was the author of: Yalkut elye (A collection of Elye) (Chicago, 1942), 77 pp. (Yiddish) and 18 pp. (English); Imre oves, etishe leres in pirke oves (Words of the Fathers, ethical teachings in Pirke avot) (Chicago, 1946), 381 pp.; Avuka (Torch), Hebrew and Yiddish initials r”t in a popular Yiddish (Chicago, 1948), 84 pp.  He died in Chicago.
Berl Cohen

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