Monday 10 June 2019


SHLOYME RUTSKI (b. June 8, 1910)
            He was born in Lomzhe, Poland.  He studied in yeshivas.  In 1929 he was ordained into the rabbinate.  In 1938 he emigrated to Australia.  He was active in Mizrachi.  In 1947 he began writing about the weekly Torah portion in Oystralishe yidishe nayes (Australian Jewish news).  In book form: Fun altn kval (From ancient sources) (Melbourne: York Press, 1950), 176 pp.; Lekoved shabes, verṭer, gedanken un folkstimlekhe dertseylungen fun altn kval (In honor of the Sabbath, words, thoughts, and popular stories from ancient sources) (Melbourne, 1971), 208 pp.
Moyshe Ayzenbud

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