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            She was born in Warsaw, Poland.  She graduated from Janusz Korczak’s girls’ high school and went on to study law at Warsaw University.  In 1929 she made her way to Argentina.  She was active in Jewish educational and cultural life in Buenos Aires.  She published poetry in: Di prese (The press), Di vokh (The week), Haynt (Today), Der veg (The way), Ikuf (IKUF [Jewish Cultural Association]), Folksshtime (Voice of the people), Landsmanshaftn (Native-place associations), Royter shtern (Red star), In gang (In progress), and elsewhere in Buenos Aires.  In book form: Dos lid fun mayn heym, gevidmet der heroishe varshe (The poem of my home, dedicated to heroic Warsaw), with drawing by Kh. Sokolovski (Buenos Aires: IKUF, 1951), 58 pp.  She received an award for her anthem to the Zhitlovsky School (from a leftist group) in Buenos Aires.  Her work also appears in Antologye fun der yidisher literatur in argentine (Anthology of Jewish literature in Argentina) (Buenos Aires, 1944), pp. 490-94.  She was last living in Buenos Aires.

Sources: P. Kats, in Shriftn (Buenos Aires) 7 (1947), pp. 157-59; Y. Botoshanski, Mame yidish (Mother Yiddish) (Buenos Aires, 1949), p. 268; Botoshanski, in Algemeyne entsiklopedye (General encyclopedia), “Yidn 5” (New York, 1957), p. 383; B. M., preface to Dos lid fun mayn heym (The song of my home) (Buenos Aires, 1951), p. 9.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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