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            He hailed from Vinitse (Vinnytsa, Vinnytsya), Ukraine.  He lived in Zhitomir, Kovno, Wrasaw, and Lodz, where he was a private tutor of Yiddish, Hebrew, and Russian.  He was the author of the storybooks: Af gots velt (In God’s world), “a novel in two parts” (Zhitomir, 1887), 54 pp.; Di tsvey shutfim (The two partners) (Zhitomir, 1889), 32 pp.; and other booklets which he signed “E-M ish vinitse” (E[liezer=Leyzer]-M[iller], a man from Vinnytsa).  His E. millers nayer briefenshteller (E. Miller’s new model letter-writer), in 2 parts, first appeared in Zhitomir in 1891 (96 pp.), second edition in Warsaw in 1906, third expanded edition in Pyetrikov (published by Shloyme Belkhatovski) in 1913 (128 pp.).  He returned to Russia during WWI.  Subsequent information about him remains unknown.

Sources: Y. Bastomski, in Di naye shul (Warsaw) 1 (1923), p. 54; following materials of Shmuel Viner held in Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.; library of the Lubavicher Rebbe in New York.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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