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AVROM MAYZLS (1909-1944)
            He was born in Lodz, Poland.  He attended religious elementary school and yeshiva, and he later became a laborer.  For a time he was active in the leftist youth movement.  He was confined in the Lodz ghetto.  He worked there for awhile in a bakery.  Some of the poems he wrote (without or without his signature) were found after liberation in the Lodz ghetto archive.  Several of them were published in the poetry collections: Mimaamakim (From the depths), Min hametsar (Out of distress), and Min hametsar karati (Out of distress I called out).  His poems “Din-toyre” (Lawsuit in a rabbinical court) and “Bekerlyade” (a baker’s song) were published in the poetry anthology Dos lid fun geto (The poem in the ghetto) (Warsaw, 1962).  He seems also to have been the author of “Dos lid fun di nayner markn mit di 30 deka broyt” (The song of the nine marks and the thirty-deka bread), which was sung in the Lodz ghetto.  In the summer of 1944, at the time of the liquidation of the ghetto, the Nazis deported him to Auschwitz and murdered him there.

Sources: B. Mark, Umgekumene shrayber fun di getos un lagern (Murdered writers from the ghettos and camps) (Warsaw, 1954), p. 172; A. Golomb, in Der veg (Mexico City) (September 15, 1962); information from A. Lederman in New York.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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