Wednesday 8 February 2017


YISROEL Y. LANDO (b. 1882)
            He was born in Zhitomir, Ukraine.  He was a professor of history in Russian and Jewish pedagogical technical school, teachers’ seminaries, and teachers’ institutes in Soviet Russia.  He was the author of Geografye fun u.s.s.r. (Geography of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic), a textbook for middle school, seventh school year, with an illustrated geographical map, which appeared in several editions (Kiev, 1933), 107 pp.  He translated, together with Gutman and Grinberg, D. Pakhilevich’s Geshikhte, lernbukh farn 5tn lernyor (History, textbook for the fifth school year) (Kharkov-Kiev, 1932), 124 pp., with illustrations.  He also published writings on the Jewish labor movement in Shtern (Star) in Kharkov and in other Soviet Yiddish periodicals.  After the German attack on Russia in June 1941, there has been no further information about him.

Sources: N. Rubinshteyn, Dos yidishe bukh in sovetn-farband 1932 (The Yiddish book in the Soviet Union, 1932) (Minsk, 1933), no. 536; Rubinshteyn’s book for 1933 and 1935, no. 317; Y. Anilovitsh, Shriftn far psikhologye un pedagogik (Writings on psychology and pedagogy), vol. 2 (Vilna: YIVO, 1940), p. 332; information from Y. Birnboym in New York.

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