Wednesday 8 February 2017


            He hailed from Sasov (Sasów), eastern Galicia.  He cofounded the Zionist association Tikvat Tsiyon (Hope of Zion) in Galicia.  After WWI he settled in Lemberg.  He was the owner of a Jewish bookshop.  He published from time to time in Lemberg’s Togblat (Daily newspaper) and Der morgen (The morning), among other Yiddish publications in Galicia.  He was the author of storybooks and Hassidic texts in Hebrew and Yiddish, among them: Meulefet sapirim (Overlaid with sapphires), “Stories of Rabbi Shlomo of Sasov, may his memory be for a blessing, for people throughout the world traveled to him and were aided by him to an extraordinary extent” (Lemberg, 1930), 52 pp.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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