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            He was born in Odessa.  In 1892 he graduated from the medical faculty of New York University and continued his education at the Universities of Berlin and Vienna.  When he returned to New York, he was an assistant doctor at Bellevue Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital.  He went to become an inspector of sanitary medicine.  He was head doctor in the Department of Venereal Disease at Lebanon Hospital and the Institute of Electrical Medicine, among other positions.  He authored a series of Yiddish books about medicine, mainly about sexually transmitted diseases, among them: Dos doktor-bukh (The doctor book) (New York: Hebrew Publishing Co., 1891), 154 pp.; Der mener-fraynd (Men’s friends) (New York, 1903), 123 pp.; Di heyrat (Marriage) (New York, 1905), 122 pp.; Der mensh (Man) (New York, 1906), 128 pp.; Zind gegen di natur (Sin against nature) (New York, n.d.), 108 pp.; Taares hamishpokhe (Marital fidelity) (New York, n.d.), 124 pp.; Kerper und zeele (Body and soul) (New York, 1909?), 128 pp.; Di laydenshaft fun a froy, vi man un froy antviklen zikh (The passion of a woman, how men and women develop) (New York, n.d.), 62 pp.; Der halber mensh (The half man) (New York, n.d.), 70 pp.; Der ferfihrter, shilderungen fun shlekhte vegen vu yunge layt veren ferfihrt, und di rezultaten derfun, a ṿarnung fir alemen (The seduced, descriptions of poor ways that young people are seduced, and the results therefrom, a warning for everyone) (New York, 1909?), 80 pp.; Demedzhd guds (Damaged goods [original: Les Avaries]), a reworking of Eugène Brieux’s wonder drama (New York, 1913), 73 pp.; Di liebe (Love) (New York, n.d.), 106 pp.; Di oysgelasene velt (The profligate world) (New York, 1917?), 71 pp.; Di dray laydenshaften (The three passions) (New Yor, 1920?), 160 pp.; Der tayvel, shilderung fun shlekhte vegen vu yunge layt veren ferfihrt, un di rezultaten derfun (The devil, a description of poor ways that young people are seduced, and the results therefrom) (New York, n.d.), 76 pp.  He published all of his books by himself, mostly without indicating the year).  In 1905 he also brought out a monthly journal entitled Gezund un leben (Health and life).
Mortkhe Yofe

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