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DOVID LUBOTSKI (1887-May 8, 1942)
            He hailed from Lithuania.  He graduated from the Vilna artisans’ school and later (1907) from the Vilna Jewish teachers’ institute.  He went on to work as a teacher in the state schools for Jewish children in Telts (Telz) and Kovno, Lithuania.  He later settled in Vilna, where he graduated from the mathematics department of the university, and he worked as a teacher of mathematics in the secular Jewish public schools, in the senior high school, in the Jewish teachers’ seminary, and in the Jewish technical school for the organization ORT (Association for the Promotion of Skilled Trades), as well as in the Gentile high school.  He was co-editor in 1920—together with Zalmen Reyzen and Gershon Pludermakher—of the Vilna pedagogical monthly Di naye shul (The new school).  He was the author of Geometrye farn 2tn klas gimnazye (Geometry for the second year of high school), in lithographic form, published by the “community friends of the Jewish senior high school” (Vilna, 1935), 88 pp.  He also contributed to the commission on Yiddish terminology in mathematical and technical sciences.  Together with Borekh Lubotski and L. Lozovski, he directed for a certain period of time the senior high school connected to the central education committee.  Under the Nazi occupation, he was for a short time confined in the Vilna ghetto.  He later fled with his family to Lide (Lida), where he was murdered during the massacre of Jews on May 8, 1942.

Sources: Shriftn far psikhologye un pedagogik (Writings on psychology and pedagogy), vol. 2 (Vilna: YIVO, 1940), p. 308; Sh. Katsherginski, in Khurbn vilne (The Holocaust in Vilna) (New York, 1947), p. 239; H. Abramovitsh, in Lerer yisker-bukh (Remembrance volume for teachers) (New York, 1952-1954), p. 208.
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