Thursday 16 February 2017


V. LASSMAN (1886-February 1, 1918)
            He was born in a small town in Russia.  He studied in religious elementary school and secular subjects privately.  In 1901 he came to Warsaw to continue his education and began to write Russian poetry there.  In 1906 he moved to New York, suffered terribly from material need; until he became ill, he traveled in 1908 to Denver, Colorado, later lived in Chicago with his parents, and finally resided in Los Angeles.  He debuted in print with a poem entitled “Dikhter-kholem” (Poet-dream) in Der frayer gezelshaft (The free association) (New York, 1910).  He also wrote other poems, which after his death appeared in a collection, Troymen un fantazyes (Dreams and fantasies), brought out by his wife, P. Lassman, with his picture and a short biography (Los Angeles, 1918), 56 pp.

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 2; biography in Troymen un fantazyes (Dreams and fantasies) (Los Angeles, 1918).
Yankev Kohen

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