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He was the author of a number of “entertainment novels,” such as: Meshiekhs tsaytn oder der freylekher tishe-bov (The millennium or the happy Ninth of Av) (Odessa, 1887), 48 pp.; Di shreklikhe nakht (The terrible night) (Vilna), 32 pp.; and Di kortn-varferke oder di opgeshosene hant (The woman card-player or the disappearing hand) (Odessa, 1888), 60 pp., among others.  He edited the satirical magazine Der ployder zak (The windbag); all told, six volumes appeared, irregularly, beginning in July 1883 in Odessa.

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1; Y. Shatski, Geshikhte fun yidn in varshe (History of the Jews in Warsaw) (New York, 1953), vol. 3, see index; D. Frishman, Shriftn (Writings) (Warsaw, 1911), pp. 84-86; A. Gurshteyn, Yidishe literatur (Yiddish literature) (Kiev, 1928), see index.

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  1. SHIMEN BEKERMAN was the author of Fun toyt lebedig : oder Poter gevorn fun a tsore : a hekhst interesanter roman ..(Alive from death or Has become free from a misfortune).- Varsha, 1886.- 48 pp.
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