Monday 16 March 2015


KHANANYE BERLINER (August 8, 1858-April 19 1921)
This was the pseudonym of Moses Gotthold Loewen.  He was born in Sambor (Sambir), Galicia.  He received a traditional education and worked as a commercial employee.  In 1886 he converted to Christianity and wrote missionary works.  Together with Yedidye Luki, he published a missionary periodical in Hebrew entitled Edut leyisrael (Testimony to the Jewish people).  He published stories and poems in Gustaf Dalman’s Brit am (Covenant of the people), and a selection from them appeared in book form as Broyt un zalts (Bread and salt)—“an assortment of articles, stories, and poems” (London: Edut leyisrael, 1901), 96 pp.  His most popular work was Hapode un hamatsil (The redeemer and the savior) (Leipzig, 1898), 122 pp.  He also wrote: Siaḥ leelohim (A conversation with God)—“a group of prayers for men and women”—written in both Hebrew and Yiddish; Mayn bakoshe (My plea) (London: Edut leyisrael, 3rd printing, 1915), 23 pp.; and a series of over twenty short booklets entitled Orḥim (Visitors) (Vienna, 1908-1913).  He died in Vienna.

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1.

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