Wednesday 18 March 2015


BASHE BERMAN (née TEMKIN) (August 21, 1907-April 30, 1953)
She was married to Adolf Berman.  She descended from an eminent Hassidic family in Warsaw.  She was a librarian by profession and was active in Poale-Tsiyon, one of the leaders of the underground “Jewish National Committee” during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw.  From 1950 she was living in Israel.  Before WWII, she had published Di yidishe biblyotekn fun varshe in likht fun tsifern (The Jewish libraries of Warsaw in light of statistics), as well as articles in the Yiddish and Polish press after liberation.  In Arbeter tsaytung (Workers’ newspaper), organ of the left Poale-Tsiyon in Warsaw (issue 4-5, 1946), she published memoirs entitled “Tsvey shvester” (Two sisters), a story of struggle and self-sacrifice.  In the section on Warsaw in Entsiklopediya shel galut (Encyclopedia of the Diaspora), vol. 1 (Tel Aviv, 1953), she published a piece on Jewish literature (pp. 505-14).

Sources: N. Blumental, in Yediut 3 and in Nay-velt (Tel Aviv) (May 8, 1953); R. Averbakh, in Undzer veg (New York) (July 1953); Y. Turkov, in Tog (New York) (June 4, 1953).

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