Sunday 8 March 2015


MEYER BERGER (1901-February 1981)
He was born in Lipsk, Poland, and emigrated to Mexico in 1924.  He was a co-founder and past director of the Jewish school in Mexico (Colegio Israelita de México), and he served as secretary of the Zionist organization.  He was the first editor of the journal Farn folk (For the people).  He was regular contributor to Veg (Way) in Mexico and editor of Undzer shul (Our school), Yugnt (Youth), and Veg far kinder (Path for children), and for the jubilee volume: Yoyvl bukh, 1924-1944, tsvantsik yor yidishe shul in meksike (Jubilee volume, 1924-1944, twenty years of the Jewish school in Mexico) (Mexico, 1944), 540 pp.  He published in Yorbukh fun amopteyl (Annual from the American branch [of YIVO]) (New York, 1938): “Briv fun a maran (karakhals briv fun 1596)” (Letter from a marrano, Carajal’s letter of 1595).  He was living in Mexico City where he died.

Sources: Der veg jubilee volume (Mexico), 1930-1940, p. 192; , vol. 2 (Mexico City, 1948), p. 167.

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