Thursday 5 March 2015


     His family came from Radzymin, near Warsaw.  He worked with the Joint during WWI.  He was the author of stories and humorous sketches.  For a time he lived in Cracow.  He wrote under the pen name A. Kundes (“a prankster”).  Among his writings: Nikolais gzeyres, fun amolike yidishe tsores in rusland (Nikolai’s evil decrees, from the Jewish troubles in Russian of bygone days), a humorous story (Warsaw), 16 pp.; Kotsker mayses (Stories of the Kotsker rebbe), part 1 (Warsaw, 1924), 50 pp., part 2 (Warsaw, 1929); Dos poylishe shtetl, dertseylung fun shmuglarishn lebn unter di daytshishe okupatsye (The Polish town, a story of a smuggler’s life under the German occupation) (Warsaw, 1926), 123 pp.; Monologn tsu monologirn oyf ovntn un farvaylungen (Monologues to carry on monologues in the evening and for recreation) (Warsaw, 1927), 72 pp.; Azoy zogt der kundes (Thus spake the prankster) (Warsaw, 1932), 64 pp.  He died in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Sources: Berl Kuczer, Geven amol varshe (As Warsaw once was) (Paris, 1955), p. 150; Yidishe shriftn (Yiddish writings) (Lodz, 1946), see section on remembrance.

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