Wednesday 25 March 2015


DOVID BERNSHTEYN (December 3, 1895-November 16, 1955)

He was born in Kartuz-Bereza, Poland.  He emigrated to the United States in 1920, and after a short sojourn, he returned to Poland.  He was the general secretary of HIAS in Warsaw (1921-1925).  He returned to America and became editorial secretary, later assistant to the news editor, of Morgn-zhurnal (Morning journal).  He wrote articles for it and ran a daily column entitled “Fragn un enfers” (Questions and answers) under the name “B. Shteyn.”  After the Morgn-zhurnal ceased publication, he became a contributor to Forverts (Forward), writing under his own name and under the pen names: D. Boyrns, D. B. Shteyn, and Medikus.  For a time he was a member of the executive of the Y. L. Peretz Writers Association and secretary of the Forverts staff.  He died in New York.

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