Wednesday 11 March 2015


She was born Malke Levenshtern, and her family came from Vilna.  She graduated from the midwifery school (in existence since 1832) at Vilna University.  She published a popular booklet on hygiene: Gliklikhe muter (Happy mother), “or an experienced teacher for mothers concerning health…at the time of pregnancy and nursing children,” published in two editions: according to Ben-Yankev’s Oytser haseforim (Treasury of books) in 1927, and according to Pinkhes Kon in Vilna in 1836 (72 pp.).

Sources: Shmuel Niger, Di yidishe literatur un di lezerin (Yiddish literature and female reader) (Vilna, 1919); Pinkhes Kon, in Historishe shriftn 1 (Warsaw, 1929); Dr. Y. Shatski, “Kultur-geshikhte fun der haskole bay yidn in lite” (Cultural history of the Jewish Enlightenment in Lithuania), in Zamlbukh lite (Anthology Lithuania), vol. 1 (New York, 1951); Zalmen Reyzen, in Yivo-bleter 1.3 (Vilna, 1931).

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