Tuesday 12 March 2019


SHEYNE KORNGOLD (August 13, 1889-September 18, 1971)
            She was born in Pinsk.  She was the sister of Golda Meir.  In 1921 she came to the land of Israel from the United States.  She published Zikhroynes (Memoirs) (Tel Aviv: Idpres, 1968), 170 pp., which appeared earlier in Tog morgn-zhurnal (Day-morning journal).  She died in Bat-Yam, Israel.

Sources: M. Goldshteyn, in Bitsaron (New York) (Nisan [= April-May] 1970); Y. Paner, in Letste nayes (Tel Aviv) (October 6, 1972).
Ruvn Goldberg

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