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MOYSHE KYAT (MOISÉS KIJAK) (b. August 19, 1934)
            While his parents hailed from Stok (Stoczek), Poland, he was born in Buenos Aires.  In 1960 he completed his medical studies and later higher-level courses in psychology and psychoanalysis.  He was a university professor from 1968.  He began writing in Yiddish in 1970.  He published lengthy works in: Argentiner yivo-shriftn (Argentinian YIVO writings): “Psikhoanalitisher tsugang tsu y. l. peretss dertseylung shma yisroel” (Psychoanalytic approach to Y. L. Perets’s story “Shma yisroel”) (1969); and “Psikhologye fun imigrant un zayne kinder” (The psychology of the immigrant and his children) (1974).  In Pinkes stok (Records of Stoczek) (Buenos Aires, 1974): “Dos positive un negative fun shtetl” (The positive and negative of the shtetl).  In book form: Froyd un der psikho-analiz (Freud and psychoanalysis) (Buenos Aires: YIVO, 1971), 200 pp.; Psikhologisher tsugang tsu der shprakh-problem bay yidn (Psychological approach to the language problem for Jews) (Buenos Aires, 1972), 8 pp.  He was working on old Jewish legends.
Yoysef Horn

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