Friday 29 March 2019


KHONEN KYEL (CHANAN KIEL) (b. January 31, 1910)
            He was born with the surname Kyeltsiglovski in Częstochowa.  He attended a Hebrew high school and graduated from a teachers’ seminary.  He spent WWII in Soviet Russia.  In 1947 he came to New York.  He was a teacher in a Jewish public school.  He debuted in print with poems in Tsukunft (Future) in New York.  He composed poetry and short stories for children’s magazines, as well as for: Der amerikaner (The American), Unzer veg (Our way), and other serials.  A number of his poems are included in readers.  In book form: In ale farbn (In all colors) (Pittsburgh, 1971), 32 pp.; A pastekh in der fremd (A shepherd in exile) (New York: Matones, 1979), 160 pp.; In vint fun zikorn, lider un eseyen (In the wind of memory, poems and essays) (New York: Workmen’s Circle, 1990), 158 pp.

Source: Yeshurin archive, YIVO (New York).
Berl Cohen

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