Tuesday 12 March 2019


HORYA KARP (1869-1943)
            He was a journalist and popularizer of Yiddish literature in Romanian, born in Harloy (Hârlău), Moldavia.  He was a Zionist leader and a senator.  He was among the first to publish in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Romanian translations of Mendele, Perets, Sholem-Aleichem, and others.  He published a monograph on Yiddish literature.  He also wrote for the Yiddish press.  He brought out the Romanian Jewish journal Mevaseret tsiyon (Herald of Zion) and placed work in Velt (World) in Vienna (1901-1902).[1]  He also wrote the pamphlet: Di idishe neshome (The Jewish soul), a response to Bishop Triteanu (Paris, 1928), 15 pp.  He died in Jerusalem.

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 3.

[1] According to Zalmen Reyzen, he also wrote for Der yudisher gayst (The Jewish spirit), with Leyzer Rokeakh (Jassy, 1898-1899), but this is not confirmed by Natan Mark’s Sifrut yidish berumenya (Yiddish literature in Romania) (Haifa, 1973).

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