Tuesday 12 March 2019


SHEVEKH KORNVORTSL (December 28, 1903-February 15, 1962)
            He was born in Tomashov-Lubelsk (Tomaszów Lubelski), Poland.  He moved to Uruguay in 1931.  He was active in the Bund.  He wrote on local and party issues in the daily newspaper Folksblat (People’s newspaper).  He edited: the Bundist Tsayt fragn (Issues of the day); the anthology 40 yor bund (Forty years of the Bund); and a special issue Troyer un protest (Grief and protest) in Montevideo.  He died in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Source: Y. Sh. Herts, Doyres bundistn (Generations of Bundists), vol. 3 (New York, 1968).
Sh. Starozhevski

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