Friday 15 March 2019


DOVID KUTNER (1899-July 1943)
            He was born in Zhikhlin (Żychlin), Poland.  For political reasons he emigrated from Poland to France.  He was active in the Communist movement and during WWII in the partisan underground.  In book form: Kartuz-bereze, der poylisher kontsentratsye-lager (Kartuz-Bereza, the Polish concentration camp) (Paris, 1936), 71 pp., second printing (Buenos Aires, 1936), 95 pp.; Over the years 1936-1939, he edited the Parisian daily newspaper Naye prese (New press).  He died in the Natzweiler-Struthof Concentration Camp.

Sources: A. Pomerants, Tserisene keytn (Broken chains) (New York, 1943), pp. 60-64; H. Holdfinger and B. Yakob, Yizker-bukh tsum ondenk fun fertsn ungekumene shrayber (Remembrance volume for forty murdered writers) (Paris, 1946); Naye prese (Paris) (July 18, 1947).
Dr. Noyekh Gris

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