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            He was born in Nyemerov (Nemyriv), Galicia, the descendant of a Hassidic family.  He studied in religious elementary school and yeshiva, later graduating from the Hebrew teachers’ seminary in Lemberg.  In 1938 he moved to Argentina.  He assumed community positions in Tucuman (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and Buenos Aires.  At first, he contributed to the Tseire-Tsiyon (Zionist youth) publications Dos fraye vort (The free word) and Folk un land (People and country), and later to the Argentinian Unzer tsayt (Our time), Naye tsayt (New times), Der shpigl (The mirror), Morgn-tsaytung (Morning newspaper), and Shrayber-tribune (Writers’ tribune).  From 1953 his main journalist work was with Di prese (The press) in Buenos Aires (from 1969 he was an internal contributor), and he wrote about Zionist and general Jewish issues.  He co-edited Galitsyaner yidn, yoyvl-bukh (Galician Jews, jubilee volume) (Buenos Aires, 1966), 279 pp.  He wrote: Tsvishn troyer un freyd (Between pain and joy), essays (Buenos Aires, 1970), 464 pp.

Sources: Antologye fun der yidisher literatur in argentine (Anthology of Jewish literature in Argentina) (Buenos Aires, 1944); Y. Z. Rayzman, A fertl yorhundert yidishe prese in brazil (A quarter century of the Yiddish press in Brazil) (Tsfat, 1968), p. 39.
Yoysef Horn

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