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            He was a translator and the editor-publisher of the Warsaw newspaper Undzer fon (Our banner) in the early 1920s. He later settled in the Soviet Union, where he primarily spent his time translating artistic literature. He translated into Yiddish from Russian, German, and Polish: Karl Grinberg, Rur in flamen (The Ruhr in flames [original: Brennende Ruhr]) (Moscow: Emes, 1931), 331 pp.; Josef Lenz, Di geshikhte funem tsveytn internatsyonal (The history of the Second International [original: Die II. Internationale und ihr Erbe, 1889-1929 (The Second International and its legacy, 1889-1929)]) (Moscow: Emes, 1932), 317 pp.; Kh. Babinski, Di nekome fun a komunar (The revenge of a communard) (Moscow: Emes, 1933); Klaus Neukrantz, Barikadn fun a veding, a roman fun eyner a gas in di berliner may ṭeg 1929 (Barricades at a wedding, a novel from a street in Berlin in the days of May 1929 [original: Barrikaden am Wedding]), adapted from the school of Y. Ravin and M. Shats (Minsk: Byelorussian State Publishers, 1933), 80 pp.; Walter Schönstedt, Dershosn bam antloyfn (Shot while escaping [original: Auf der Flucht erschossen]) (Minsk: Byelorussian State Publishers, 1935), 200 pp., first edition (Warsaw: Groshn Library, 1934); Andor Gábor, Fraylin lili, dertseylungen fun der driter imperye (Miss Lili, stories from the Third Reich) (Moscow: Emes, 1936), 305 pp.

Berl Cohen

[Additional information from: Chaim Beider, Leksikon fun yidishe shrayber in ratn-farband (Biographical dictionary of Yiddish writers in the Soviet Union), ed. Boris Sandler and Gennady Estraikh (New York: Congress for Jewish Culture, Inc., 2011), pp. 324-25.]

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  1. He translated from German into Yiddish Ludwig Turek's A proletarier dertseylt : dos lebn fun a daytshishn arbeter ("Ein prolet erzahlt").- Kiev;Kharkov: Melukhe-farlag far di natsionale minderkhaytn in USRR, 1933.- 201, [1] pp.
    א פראלעטאריער דערצײלט
    דאס לעבנ פונ א דײטשישנ ארבעטער
    ליודװיג טורעק; פונ דײטש - ש. קאשעװניק
    A proletarier dertseylt :dos lebn fun a daytshishn arbeter
    Lyudvig Turek; fun daytsh - Sh. Koshevnik