Tuesday 12 March 2019


MAKS (MAX) KARP (ca. 1856-November 17, 1898)
            He was born in Sando-Vishnya (?), near Lemberg.  He worked for a business in Galats (Galați), Romania.  Under the influence of Avrom Goldfaden, he became an actor.  In 1883 he left for London and in 1885 for the United States.  He published Shirim ḥadashim beerets ḥadasha enthalṭend yude und antisemiṭ, und andere dikhtungen ernsten und humoristishen inhaltes (New poems in a new country, including Jew and anti-Semite, and other poems serious and humorous) (New York, 1887), 65 pp.  He died in New York.
Berl Cohen

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