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HERSH-YANKL KOYFMAN (b. September 1910)
            He was born in Sokolov-Podlask (Sokolów-Podlaski), Shedlets (Siedlce) district, Poland, into a working-class family.  From age nine to thirteen, he was blind.  He graduated from a Polish trade school and worked in Warsaw.  From 1936 he was living in France.  During WWII he was involved with the French resistance movement.  He helped published the anarchist Fraye tribune (Free tribune).  He wrote for: Fraye arbeter shtime (Free voice of labor) in New York; and Unzer shtime (Our voice) in Paris; among other serials.  In book form: Unter der daytshisher okupatsye in frankraykh (Under German occupation in France) (Paris, 1964), 479 pp.  Pseudonyms include: Sokol and Danshera-Homo.

Sources: Y. Kornhendler, in Arbeter-vort (Paris) (December 18, 1964); Elye (Elias) Shulman, in Tsukunft (New York) (May-June 1967).
Berl Cohen

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