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NOSN PERLBERG (1884-August 17, 1937)
            He was born in Zhirardov (Żyrardów), Poland, to a father who worked as a ritual slaughterer.  Orphaned in childhood on his mother’s side, he moved with his father to Khodetsh (Chodecz), near Vlotslavek (Włocławek), and he studied with the local rabbi there.  In 1905 he immigrated to the United States, and there he began to work actively in the establishment of the Labor Zionist movement.  He published with several other young leaders a weekly newspaper.  Two years later, he returned to Warsaw.  When WWI erupted, he traveled to Włocławek.  He was very active in the Yiddish press there.  In 1924 he founded Vlotslavker lebn (Włocławek life) and served as its editor (together with H. Kino); he also published articles in Vlotslavker rayon-tsaytung (Włocławek district newspaper), edited by Y. B. Tsipur, and was founder and editor of Vlotslavker shtime (Voice of Włocławek), from 1930 until the end of 1935, a courageous tribune of the local Zionist movement.  In January 1936 he made aliya to the land of Israel and until his death was socially active and involved with the “Association of Immigrants from Włocławek and Environs.”

Sources: Vlotslavker shtime (Włocławek) (January 23, 1936), articles by Dr. L. Fuks, Dr. Y. M. Biderman, Dovid Ersler, Tsvi Levi, and F, Koyfman; Vlotslavker shtime (August 27, 1937), articles by Dr. Biderman, Dr. Fuks, Yitskhok Goldman, V. Zilber, and G. Ruth; Dr. Biderman, in Seyfer vlotslavek (Volume for Włocławek) (1967), pp. 411-60.
Y. M. Biderman

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