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            He came from Russia, studied in religious elementary school, received a higher education, and was knowledgeable of foreign languages.  He came to the United States around 1910-1912.  There he served for several years as secretary for Sholem Asch.  He debuted in print in the 1920s, writing articles and fictional works.  For a lengthy period of time, he was a contributor to Forverts (Forward), in which he published stories—both original works and translations.  Later, for a short time, he was connected to Morgn-frayhayt (Morning freedom) in New York.  He was mainly known as a translator of fiction and scholarly writings.  His published translations in book form include: Jack London, Far odemen (Before Adam) (New York: Naye Tsayt, 1920), 194 pp.; Pyotr Kropotkin, Di parizer komune, di natsyonale frage (The Paris Commune, the nationality question) (New York: Kropotkin Literary Society, 1923), 63 pp.; Baruch Spinoza, Der teologish-politisher traktat (Theological-political tractatus [original: Tractatus Theologico-Politicus]) (New York, 1923), 375 pp., with Dr. Farnberg; Anatole France, Der oyfshtand fun di malokhim (The revolt of the angels [original: Revolte des anges]) (New York, 1920s), 303 pp.; Arthur Schopenhauer, Di khokhme fun lebn un andere eseyen (Knowledge of life and other essays [original: Aphorismen zur Lebensweisheit (Aphorisms on the wisdom of life)]) (New York, 1920s), 302 pp.; Romain Rolland, Muter un zun (Mother and son [original: Mère et fils]) (New York, 1920), 400 pp.; Thomas Paine, Di tsayt fun farshtand, di epokhe fun ratsyonalizm, a shtudye vegen dem emes un ligen fun religye (Time for understanding, the age of reason, a study of the truth and falsities of religion [original: The Age of Reason]) (New York, 1920s), 230 pp.  He was last living in Israel.

Sources: Dr. A. Ginzburg, in Tsukunft (New York) (February 1924); Y. Rabinovitsh, in Yoyvl-bukh keneder odler (Jubilee volume for Keneder odler) (Montreal, 1932); Shmuel Niger, in Tsukunft (August 1933).
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  1. N. PERLMAN together with Z. Landau and H. Rozenfeld translated from Russian M. Gorky's Collection of articles Kultur un revolutsie (orig.: Культура и революция = Culture and revolution).- New York : Marks literatur gezelshaft un farlag "Naye Velt", 1921.- 224 pp.
    קולטור און רעװאלוציע
    מאקסים גארקי; איבערזעצט פון ז. לאנדױ, נ. פערלמאן און ה. ראזענפעלד
    מארקס ליטעראטור געזעלשאפט און פארלאג נײע װעלט

  2. There was the second edition of his translation of Jack London's Far odemen (Before Adam) (New York: spetsiele Frayhayt oysgabe, 1925).- 194 pp.
    The volume includes 4 novels by Jack London :
    1. Der ayserner knafl translated by Max Vaynberg
    2. Der Veg translated by H. Rozenfeld
    3. Far Odemen translated by N. Perlman
    4. Di shtime fun blut translated by M. Olgin
    Each novel has its own pagination.