Sunday 29 July 2018


MAKS PERLOV (b. June 6, 1902)
            He was born in Dombrovits (Dubrovitsa), Volhynia.  He came to the United States in 1922.  He worked in the furniture business.  He went on to become a union leader.  He contributed to Frayhayt (Freedom), writing journalistic pieces for it and stories for a variety of Yiddish journals.  In 1926 he was chairman of the writers’ association “Yunger arbeter” (Young worker) and contributed to Yung-kuznye (Young smithy) in New York, the publication of “Yunger arbeter.”  He often published thereafter in Nay-land (New land) in New York.  In book form: with Shloyme Davidman, Geknipte ritlakh, dertseylungen (Pinched twigs, stories) (New York, 1928), 258 pp.; A vort tsu di yidishe arbeter (A word to Jewish workers), a pamphlet (New York: Yidishe folks-komitet, 1941); Sidni garb end sons (Sidney Garb and sons), stories, illustrated by Zuni Moud (New York: Morgn-frayhayt Assn., 1945), 244 pp.
Yankev Kahan

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